According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) only 35 percent of fourth graders were proficient in reading in 2019. Still, parents/teachers/caregivers continue to struggle to find resources to engage and entertain a new generation of learners who have never known life without a smartphone.  There has never been a more important time to utilize next-gen technologies to foster opportunities that drive maximum impact and user engagement in children, while at the same time, placing solutions to modern day challenges in the hands of parents and teachers.

The Company incorporates STEAM education into each title, blending augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) while utilizing XR Portal Points® to take a deeper dive into the content, sparking the imagination of children, triggering multiple ways to process information. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is then layered to assist in the development of key sensory output learning styles, helping them make a unique “intelligence fingerprint,” as they visualize and understand even the most complex of educational topics, so parents and teachers can be made aware of the impact the technology has on their child/student engagement and knowledge retention.

Our mission is to make the invisible, visible; the meaningless, meaningful, and enrich humanity through the power of immersive storytelling, utilizing extended reality (XR) to activate the 4E’s – Entertainment, Education, Empathy, and Engagement.

Quantum Storey enables a diverse group of learners to absorb information in multiple and intuitive ways.   Extended reality (XR) allows all types of education and learning to teach and transfer the entire outcome within Bloom’s Taxonomy.

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