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Read about Izzy's life before the MLP virtual movie novel
adventure, then step inside her story!

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Turn a passive reading experience Into an active one by using the Portal Points® on the pages inside!


Take the Quantum Leap® by using the included XR Goggle to bring the pages to life!

Go Beyond The Story™ with your favorite characters and experience an adventure like never before!

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A New Interaction Modality!

A New Way to Engage with Content

18 XR Portal Points®

A reward at the end of every chapter, using all levels of immersion in augmented and virtual reality!

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Quantum Storey VR

Exclusive XR Goggle, Hardcover book, and free app featuring an all new, My little pony virtual magic Quantum Storey Movie Novelization of the new My Little Pony Movie: A New Generation!

Earn new filters as you go through the experience!

Enter the world of Equestria, and join the adventure as Izzy!

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Includes Never Before Seen Prequel Content!

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Introducing mobile 3D passthrough AR with our free downloadable app!

Take the Quantum leap® and Go Beyond the Story™ with our exclusive high quality AR and VR goggles!

Compact & Foldable Design

Interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment

Compatible with screens up to 6.8 in.

Pass-through AR

Fully immersive VR - 102° FOV

Real-time eye gaze interaction

iOS 15.0+ and iPhone X+

Android 11.0+ and Devices 2018+

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