For almost a decade now, the founders of Quantum Reality™, J.M., and David Haines, have been producing award-winning solutions that seamlessly unite the physical and digital worlds by bridging spatial experiences together. But one of the founders, J.M., didn’t start out as an obsessed person searching to find a cross-reality solution that would take a user from what they are seeing in the physical world, and seamlessly connect them to it in the spatial world with minimal compromise. She was, however, trying to come up with inventive ways to get her kids as excited about reading books as they were playing on their digital devices. And with that, she invented and then patented the Quantum Bridge™ — so users can move beyond the boundaries and physical limitations of publications by making them immersive and impactful.

The Company first pioneered the Quantum Storey®, which combines the power of reading with augmented and virtual reality, creating an award-winning, interactive, and educational play pattern. They have been embedded in Hollywood at Raleigh Studios for the past 15 years, assisting companies such as Adobe, HP, and Intel to connect with the latest content creation technologies. They launched the ViewMaster VR with Mattel and Google and have since been breaking new ground in the spatial computing arena. Sony Pictures, Hasbro, and NBCUniversal were the first to jump on board.

Concurrently, they are developing their Quantum Classroom™ (EdTech) offering and an enterprise software licensing solution, leveraging the same modalities they revolutionized.