Quantum Storey’s founder, J.M. Haines, was a busy mother of three looking for her next professional adventure. As both an author and an avid reader,  J.M. had a love for the magic of the written word, which she hoped to instill in her children as well.  She had also always been fascinated with technology and was not surprised how much her children loved spending time in front of their screens.

With the all pervasive nature of technology in her own children’s lives, J.M., watched traditional and digital media struggle to truly engage children who would rather watch YouTube®, Tik Tok, text, post or play video games. Instead of going outside to play with friends.

Then it hit her – what if there were a way to build a bridge between physical media and next-gen technologies like augmented and virtual reality?  Could physical media move to the next level by using these new generation deep technologies to allow consumers to Go Beyond the Story?

J.M. set out to do just that and founded Quantum Storey, and created and patented an Extended Reality (XR) technology platform to transform traditional physical and digital formats into curricula for active and experiential entertainment and learning. Quantom Storey VR also specialises in the new generation G5 virtual reality used in our own MLP Quantum Movie Novel, among others.

To demonstrate the potential of their platform, J.M. Haines penned a new virtual novel series for middle readers, Operation YOU®, and published her first title, Morning Nightmare which was featured on the “Best Sellers” shelf in 4200 Walmart stores nationwide!

Quantum Storey ® launched their first Hollywood Studio title with SONY Pictures, Hotel Transylvania 3:  Virtual Vacation, and recently added several new Hollywood studios and major publishing brands to its portfolio like the first My Little Pony virtual magic book!