Quantum Storey ® creates fun, relatable, IMMERSIVE stories, featuring globally identifiable characters from iconic content libraries; reaching a massive, global audience – enabling and motivating readers with intuitive and entertaining VR products.

For the first time ever, you can STEP INSIDE your favorite story!

Ever wondered what the story of Harry Potter® would be like – entirely from the perspective of a student at Hogwarts®

How about from the point of view of a Padawan® training at the Jedi® temple to become a Jedi Knight?

Or stepping into the shoes of your favorite Avenger®, ready to save the world!

Whether you are joining Bumblebee® to travel to an exotic, far-flung corner of the Universe, or being Boss Baby’s newest hire, Quantum Storey® lets you Go Beyond the Story™!


The driest textbook ever published would become infinitely more interesting if you could STEP INSIDE your own Quantum Storey!

What if you were able to learn key facts about a Stegosaurus while standing next to one?

Or a S.T.E.A.M. class on amusement parks where you can design a roller coaster that pushes the limits of physics  – and then you and your classmates get to ride in it?

How about learning the chemistry and physics of fireworks from the POV of rocketing into the sky and exploding in blinding 360° color?

Want to be the first astronaut to land on Venus and explore the surface? Or see how medicines and vaccines work from the perspective of a cell?